Help finding archived info

My brother just purchased a '98 WR400 and I'm trying to help him out with some info. I don't ride the same bike so I'm not familiar with all of the little things you can/should do to this bike for improved performance. I don't frequent thumpertalk too often but I seem to remember there being an archived section of articles and "how-to" types of info before the site received an overhaul a few months ago. Does this information still exist somewhere? I'm looking for info on the common things done to this bike such as changing the timing specs, grey wire, exhaust, throttle limiters, etc. (I apologize if I got any of those I said, I'm not real familiar with the bike). I'm pretty sure all of this has been done on the bike, but he's try to educate himself on the topics.

When he bought the bike I told him to come here because there was a bunch of info on it, but when he did he couldn't find it. Am I up in the night with this.....does anybody know what I'm talking about?

I'm sure these topics have been discussed to death so there's got to be some good archived info somewhere. Can anybody help?

Thanks in advance.


You have two options - Use Search, which is up on the top right hand side, or go directly to the archived posts by clicking on the Drop Down box on the bottom right of this (or any) post - you may have to scroll to get to the correct archives forum, then click the Go button... it will all be in there...



Thanks for the reply. Is there such a thing as a "Tech Tips" section? I swear I remember a section that contained articles (not a forum) on the "old" site.

I always use this url to access thumper has the link you're looking for as well as the others...

ThumperTalk WR400 URL

That's exactly what I was looking for LarryCO.....thank you very much. Any reason/idea why that info is not available via the "new" look website? It's very useful info for the newbie.


Bryan - Steve, Is there anyway we can link to this info from the homepage I had to use the info from the post on the Hot Start tonight and I wouldnt have been able to find it either if this thread had not been started.


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