Just a header?

Hey guys. So errr..... my 00 426 has enough power for me, but I noticed on a bike i went to look at prior to the one I bought, he has replaced JUST the header with a fmf powerbomb... Is there much difference for trail riding? I wont be doing much motocross, is there an advantage over stock, or should I just leave it? I have the stock header/can on there righ tnow with a aftermarket cap/spark arrestor. Sounds healthy as it is. Just curious if anyone has replaced JUST the header on their 426, and if they felt it was worth the money. I think i found a few powerbombs on ebay, new for $199.


For tail riding I see no need for it, if you are looking for a hop-up to spend money on I would suggest a flywheel weight. I used to have a 2001 yz426, I rode MX, but for me on that particular bike, the Quickshot proved to be the best mod for the money. Totally got rid of that bog in the carb. Oh and to answer your question, that mega bomb is supposed to increase bottom end power.

I put a powerbomb on my 426 because I got it used for real cheap and it was practically new. I didn't notice much difference to tell you the truth and if I would have paid $200 for it i would have been very disapointed. I also put the quickshot on my carb and since my bike was already jetted and had no bog unless you were in the wrong gear, I did not see much of a difference with that either. My bike runs great with and without these aftermarket parts.

Save your money for tires and chains...Your bike should have plenty of power for what your going to do with it....

The powerbomb header does 2 things. It drops the sound down by 1 decibel (dB). And it smooths out the power (takes some of the hit away, makes the power delivery smoother).

I have the PB header with the FMF Ti-4 muffler. I like combo (even though its louder than stock).

Now, if your wanting more mid-range and top end power (more hit) then keep your header and buy a slip on muffler. Yoshimura RS-3 makes really good power, so does FMF. I've had both. Either one makes a significant difference in power over the stock can.

Exactly what i wanted to know. BC3... I was tending that way, but really just wanted to hear what the differences were, and if they were "gotta have" items. I think the 426 is already stupid fast for woods/mx riding. I have a 05 ktm 625 superthumper, and i swear the HP feels about hte same. im going to go down 1 tooth in the front, and leave the rest. For now. the stock exhaust with PMB cap sounds good to me.

I have the 02 426. I jusr replaced the stock header + FMF Q pipe with a Pro Circuit SS T-4 setup. I didn't do it because I wanted more top end I wanted the better performance increase. With changing out the whole system I got (what I consider) I big increase in gains over what I had prior. The Revs seem like they go for days and the bike feels more torque than ever and the bike with my mods snaps just as hard as the newer 450's.

I would agree the 426 has more than enough power. The thing that agravates me the most about my bike is the handling ... I want that aluminum frame!!!! :busted: I want more flickability!

... Anyways ...

Pipes are not always for more topend and such. It can be used and should be used for your desired riding style and what you need more of.

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