03 yz450f clutch won't disengage completely

Hello All,

Forgive me if this has been covered. I did not see it, but I am new and trying to figure this all out. I have adjusted the lever so much that there is no free play in my clutch lever, but with it all the way in the clutch is not disengaged all the way. When I shift into first the bike clunks hard and the bike wants to roll forward. It stays engaged enough that it won't start in gear even with the clutch pulled all the way in.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thank you!

How is it once the bike is fully heated up? If it is ok, then I suggest just get used to it. If it is the same, the clutch hubs may have become 'notched' causing the plates to hang a bit. If this is the case, it may be worth the trouble to pull the inner hub and plates off to check. If the fingers and splines are not too severely dented, sometimes, a little light filing can restore them (removed from the bike and throughly cleaned when done, of course). If they are deep, replacement is the cure. Be sure to measure the spring free length and disk (steel and fiber) thickness while you are in there,

There was a bulletin for a CLUTCH FIX on the 03 YZ450..

I performed it on mine and the clutch disengaged fine(a little harder clutch pull after the fix) Do a SEARCH FOR CLUTCH FIX

Thanks guys. I will try both.

I am not familure so much with the yz450f, but for what it is worth every dirtbike I have ever owned has had drag on the clutch making it very hard to start in gear. I would consider it normal if it gets better as the bike warms up. Make sure you put some free play back in your clutch adjustment or you will be buying a new clutch anyway.

Noticeable additional drag while starting is normal. Drag to the extent that the bike has to be held back while standing in gear is not, nor is so much drag that the bike can't be started in gear at all.

This is not a special "clutch fix" situation, just a simple matter of a clutch in need of reconditioning in most cases. Clutch drag is usually caused by, more or less in order, simple adjustment, plates that are not flat enough, plates that are unevenly worn, notching of the basket/boss, or springs that have sagged unevenly or lost tension unequally.

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