Good news from Yamaha.

After riding yesterday and not having any probs I was talking to my service manager about the clutch update and asked him if there was anything about the flywheel problem. He didn't know about either one(they don't sell many dirt bikes).He said that he would talk to Yamaha to find out. He called a short time later and said my bike had the clutch taken care of before it was shipped to them. That may be why it worked so well when I rode it the day before. But he said bring the bike in so they could check the flywheel out.

It sounded like Yamaha has a good idea why the woodruff keys were breaking and are trying to get it taken care of.

I am just glad they are on top of it. What is everybody else hearing?

i just got off the phone with the service mgr. at my dealer. i asked him about the clutch , and the flywheel key. he didnt know anything about either one. he said he'd look into it for me.

Yeah, when they don't know any thing about it, they(service guys)wonder where you find out all this stuff.

where else does everyone find information in the 21st century?? the internet of course. everyone at Thumper Talk is like family we are all here with a common interest our bikes and having a good day riding problem free. if one of us has a problem everyone chimes right in with ideas and suggestions to help fellow TT'rs out. besides who knows more about our bikes than the people who actualy own and ride one. a mechanic might think he knows it all but if he doesn't have the bike and ride it personaly he just has to go with what everyone tells him.

smells like legal speak to me. admit no knowledge, admit no liability. every Yamaha dealer will have been informed of the problem, i would find it pretty hard to believe that they don't know, but if they are ignoring this kind of information from yamaha i wouldn't let them do any work on my bike.



That is good news. Thanks for the info. Please keep us posted. :):D :D

ok here is what i heard from my service guy.

1. Did not know about the clutch

2. Said that the bike needed hours on it and to be broken in before the E-start will work best. Maybe that is why the wodruffkey is getting sheared.

3. He said it will be harder to retime the motors cause you will have to buy a YZ cam for the WR, Something to do with the auto decomp and the WR's having the e-start.

Anyone else heard this. i may just be out of the loop. That is a good possibility.

Dont you just love it when you know more then the service guys? But the best of all are the sales guys, For example the sales guy at my local dealer is a big fat guy that "knows everything" about "every bike on his floor". The thing is he's so fat their is know way he could even ride the things. But he'll be sure to tell you how much better his bikes handle, then the dealer down the road with the other brand! The best is when you ask them about the actual weight (not what the brocher said) I guess a lot of the sales guys are not this way, But some of them are crazy! "oh yeh that new Wr only weighs 239lbs" yah right! Some of them just say things, that makes it seem like, you have IDIOT written on your forehead.

Post deleted by jeff_eugene_or

Jeff did you mean to say 47# rather than 61#. Your info as posted MAY be in conflict with others info, and we won't know which way to go.

Yes Jeff, be careful! I read on another thread that the newest revision was to tighten to 47, loosen it back up, then re-tighten to 47. It said the 61 was wrong! Wouldn't want you to hurt that new crank. :)

Be sure to let us know how tight it was from the factory. :)

i would guess to say that 61 lbs would be the way to go. if it was torgued at 47 lbs and it went 61 lbs should hold it on.when you think about it if it was torqued at 61 lbs and it went why would you loosen the nut to 47 lbs. that's not gonna hold it on any better. just my 2 cents

The torque spec for what its worth on my 02 wr250,w/o e-start was like 36 ft-lb . When I take mine in tomorrow, I will try to find out what preventive measures Yamaha is taking. Because after my service manager called Yamaha I bet he knows the latest spec.

I posted this on the "flywheel torque" thread but will mention it again since I am confused.

My manual (5TJ-28199-10) has cut and paste strips inside that state the torque for the rotor nut should be 61 lbs. I peeled one of these strips back and discovered that the original printing said 50 lbs.

However, inside the front cover of the manual when I received it was a correction sheet that clearly indicates that the correct procedure is to tighten the rotor nut to 47 lbs, loosen, then tighten again to 47 lbs. This correction sheet states this as the correct way and that 61 lbs is incorrect.

So, I guess 47 lbs is correct? I want to take it apart tonight to check it but was hoping for some confirmation from someone here who might be a little more knowledgable than me or who might have other information.

Wow, this is drawing a lot of attention - for good reason. My manual has it listed as 61 ft.lbs. in 4 different places. All of these listings are with a sticker over the original spec. I just peeled one back and it says 50 ft.lbs. I also checked the insert page inside the cover and it says 61 ft.lbs.


Just for comparison, (the 02 DRZ 400 electric start) tightening spec is 72.5 ft lbs.

For the record, my dealer didnt know jack about the timing, or grey wire issue.

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