this is something that i feel strongly about. Good article. kinda long

Thats why I quit Drinking :)

No you cant imaging me on on any brewski

I only ride Yamaha :D

Thaz 26

I am what I am and Thats All That I am

Im Ego the **** Maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnn

Bamster wrote:

when did this site become Bible thumper talk?

Now that's funny!!! :):D

Peace Eh - P.Z.

I think when we turned right at Albaquikey

thats 28

EGO. what the hell are you talkin about. Nothing you are saying latly makes any sence what so ever. Get a grip man. If getting to 30 means listing to your iner voices you might want to re ask them cause you have two to go.


What hey qiote,

I told you to leave meeee alooone

I cant hide

Now thats 1 away :)

I f I did not listen to the voices then I would have no one to talk too.. :D

i have some of my best conversations with myself. I know how you feel.

Chris l.

Yaaaaa! 30 I win

Quite you did not

yes I did win

you shut up you did not win

who are you,

I m voice number 30 Im called Raaaamonn

it was fun lewis tata

[ July 22, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Yo Lewis,

You better start posting on another thread...Your holding at 638 on this one....Thats a shame, you have posted atleast 20 times on this thread with NO Credit.....I LOVE IT....

Bonzai :)

was that my inermost self talking or was that you Bill??

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