hot start

my hot start has siezed. last time i had it apart i put a dab of white grease on the o ring,what are you guys doing to prevent this from happining its been about four monthes ago when i did this rebuild. ican force it but it wont return then. its an 06 yzf450 thanks

Wow that's a good one...I guess I would take the plunger out and very carefully sand it with 600 wet and dry paper.....Are you sure it's not the cable?

And instead of white lube, you are better off using either nothing or grease specifically made for orings.

Never had a problem with any of the 3 450's, but we had some trouble with the older bikes we had with DRD hot start kit on them. In our case, the trouble was moisture intrusion corroding the interior of the hot start bore. If this is found to be the case, you must COMPLETELY remove all of the "white powder" corrosion from the interior of the bore. Use a penetrating/cleaning oil and a brass or stiff nylon pistol barrel brush (.30-.38 cal) and scrub it clean. Lube it with gasoline and test it for free operation.

As far as how to prevent teh problem, we never had any trouble unless we washed the bike, and as I said, we don't have any trouble with the '06's at all. Try to avoid blasting the carb, in the first. Since the wash job was the issue in our case, we kept them from sticking by running the engine after the wash and pulling the hot start, keeping it open for several seconds to draw water out of the hot start circuit. It always worked, as we never had to lube them after that, and never had them stick after we started doing that.

But if you also get the air filter pretty wet, you shouldn't run the engine until the filter's been dried or replaced.

ok guys thanks ill try that and it a new cable with a works connection clutch hot start combo and the carb mods were done zip ty and i have the alum hot start nut it . thanks

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