07 yz 450f jetting socal

i ride in about 4200' and i am going to socal to ride some tracks this weekend and want to know if i need to change my jetting?

i ride an 07 yz450f with a fmf pipe with mega bomb header

you should be good.. what elevation are you at right now? the most you will have to do is play with the fuel screw a bit.. also bring some cold weather gear.. its colder then a mo-fo right now..

... what elevation are you at right now? ..
Kidding, right?

Anyway, it depends on the altitude of the tracks you're going to. If they're much below 2500 feet, you might do well to bump the main and pilot each up a notch.

if he posted that before or after i made the comment then i didnt see it.. my bad.. saw socal and looked at utah and then socal tracks.

So you think 165 mj 48 pj should be good? I am going to ride parris and starwest I think they are at about 2100' but i don't know.

you think your cold I am working in 10 degrees i cant wait!!

The 165 should be OK. The 48 might be a little big, but in this cooler weather, that could be OK, too.

Slinky, just messin' with you a little :busted:

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