Does the Yz have the woodruff key problem?

Seems like the e start on the Wr is what is causing the problem, is that true? If the bikes decomprestion release is not working right then it would put alot of pressure on the woodruff key, when you hit the e-start. Is this the cause? If this problem is not happening on the YZ then I would think it is the cause? Just like when you kick a bike and the decopresion, forces the kick starter to kick back and bite you leg. Just a thought, What is the real problem?

Not a problem on the YZ's so far but Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you wouldn't want them to hear you.... :)

Bonzai :D

With the lighter flywheel on the YZ, the rotational mass is less, thus the force on the woodruft key is less which "should" mean it is less likely to shear. Remove the added stress of the e starter and its unlikely to ever cause a problem.

My 10c worth is the only reason they are shearing is the incorrect torque from the factory. This is even more evident in that they have placed amendments in the manual specifically about this issue.

Unless someone has sheared it twice, I would just check it and forget it.

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