flooded my 426 HELP!!!!!!

Too many kicks with the fuel on will flood mine every time
Your float level is too high, or your float needle doesn't seat.

16 replies after the guy got it started :busted::moon::mad::p

thanks for the reply, with regards to the solving the starting, all it was, was me finally working out the knack of how to start it

a gd starting procedure... softly kick it 4 times and then actually kick it hard... this clears out the compression

It takes time.. it took me 2 good ride days to get it down.. I can start mine first kick now everytime, even cold. I use the term cold loosely because I ride it almost everyday..

when ever i flooded my bike witch was only like 2 times. i just hold it wide open and kick it and it usally started right up after a couple kicks

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