99'yz400 cant kick it

My friend has a 99' Yz400 when he try to start the bike he cant kick it.it is not moveing. Only way to start it if he pull the hot start and move the kick arm down a little and let the hot start go and now we can kick it and will start.

Any idea? Thanks!

Thanks! but in the vid he can push down the kick arm without puling in that . arm on the handlebar. On his 1st pull arm on the handlebar,2nd push down the kick arm, 3rd let the arm come up, and kick it. Is that normal? Way we cant kickit down at 1st time? My 06'450 is not like that. BUT THANKS THE VID I WILL SEND IT TO HIM.

Your '06 has automatic decompression, the 426 has manual decompression by means of the compression release lever (the one you thought was a hot start).

Watch the vid again. You can turn the engine without the compression release only up to a point then it will stop. Normal.

my bike kicked over exzact same way, now it wont kick i go to do the final kick and theres a hard spot halfway down.

You are advancing the kick start lever too far after hitting compression the first time.

that miught be it,but im pretty sure i jus go like an inch like always.is there anything else that would do that.it used to work great

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