Honda brake clips?

After 6 years of trusty service I decided to install a new chain, sprockets and front brake pads on my WR 426. Well I noticed that when I took out the old pads the clip that goes under the pad to keep tension on it showed signs of wear. Of course I wasn't going to reuse the damaged clip so I figured I would pick up a new one from the dealer on my lunch hour. When I asked the guy at the counter for the clip he checked the computer and told me they did not have it in stock and I might need to look into a caliper rebuild kit. I said no I do not need the kit just the clip. My next question was do you sell it seperately? Answer: Yes but I have to order it. Not the answer I wanted since I plan on leaving for the desert next Tuesday. So I told him that most of the Japenese bikes use the same calipers and pads so why not cross it over? Luckily my dealer sells Yamaha/Honda/Kawasaki & Suzuki. I had him check on an 02' or 03' Honda CRF 450 and sure enough they are identicle. The only downside is that this 2 cent part would be sold to me for only $11.99:foul: I figured it's not worth the effort to find it cheaper and I reluctantly paid and went back to work. Here are a couple pics so you can see what I'm talking about.



Just thought I would remind some of you that are in a bind that sometimes when it comes to brake parts you may get lucky and find the right part even if it is a Honda:p

I did the same thing for my 07. I got the clip from an 06 crf. Mine had been crunched by a rock or something ?

Only cost me $2.00 though :busted:

I bought 4 just to have on stock in the future.

The Rm 125 has the exact same front brake system as my 06 wr450 too.

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