Muffler bearings

Now that we are sorting out the carb, woodruff key, clutch, ignition switch, and oil filter can someone tell me how to grease the muffler bearings? :)

This requires the insertion of a grease zerk in the left handlebar grip. Use a lithium white grease, (Germans call it der veiner sliden)with a grease gun pump. it till it emerges fron the CDI box. That should do it.

actually gas is the best lub for the bearings just pour a gallon down the muffler untill the pipe is full ; ) :)

I've been greasing mine through that looks like a valve stem hooked to the rear shock. But that may be wrong.

grease the bearing's i thought they were sealed from the factory.

My cousin's sisters bike was over greased at the muffler and caused the radiator to implode.

I am now definitelty going to buy a VOR or Vespa.

No WR for me

I'm really concerned that the 03 muffler bearings won't work with my 01's.... :) How about blinker fluid? Make sure you never run out... :D

If you do decide to grease the muffler bearings and you have it all tore down I would look into some of your Power band options too. The purple one is said to add 5 HP to your top end.

I grease my muffla brgs every second ride, if you dont your fork seals will pop out and onto the ground, this will destroy your mobil 1 auto oil and the clutch will explode and polish your clutch cover, this will result in several other problems, dented rims, tires dont stick and im buying a ktm or even a crf, or i'm just plain giving up riding, you guys suck, stripped drain plug, starter failed, Damn oil filter, crazy chain lube, funny burble, did i mention i'm going orange, skid plate is crap.............oh i give up :D:):D :D

tires dont stick and im buying a ktm or even a crf

Before you give up..... Do the powernow mod, from what I'm being told here it makes your tires stick.. And the CRF doesn't have Muffler Bearings on the 03 models, why do you think those things are soooo light.... Damn Honda. :)

I think by taking off the "MB's" will shave off 3 pounds.. What do you think........


Your are on to something, When I tore bike down to try all these new techniques I discovered yamaha is working for us. Look at the bottom of rear shock spring and you will notice we have the purple dot 5.2kg spring. That purple has to be good for two or three hp over the competition :)

the best way by far si to take off the carb and insert a greas zirk on the left hand sid just below the slide. Grease beforeevery ride. What tis will do is totally lube up your card and cylendar walls. Wonce tis is dont the exhaust will carry a considerable amount or greasy exhaust. This is in gas form and will get right down in all the berrings( all 34 of them) this will cause better air flow as the bearrings will allow more air to pass because they are lubed very well. Just so you know this has just went through clinical trials and will be approved by the FDA in the next two weeks. I own the patent but i give you all permission to use it. You will just have to sign the waiver.

I the undersigned will use this genious' patent in a legal manner and will not sue him if i do it wrong.


Signed, Dumbass


thanks for the laugh guys

What do you guys use to remove these bearings? A metric or left handed Crescent wrench?

This is a very silly post and I'm reporting all of you posters to the moderators.

The muffler bearings are not the culprit here. The tires are filled with Japanese air at the factory which is not suitable for American riding.

Bleed the air out and install American air and the woodruff keys will no longer shear.

I spoke with Mr. Woodruff Key today and he said he would stop shearing if a power valve was installed inline to the fork oil cooler line but not after the chainguide overflow tank. The whole agreement seems to hing on the fact that he wasn't torqued before the forwardfire hence the backfire. Seems logical to me!

Speaking of Mr. Woodruff, I use woodruff keys in my shop and whilst perusing a catalog I noticed hardened keys.

Shazaam, would they fit my WR450?

It still ain't here yet. RATS!

I've found that removing the muffler bearings and greasing them individually with Crisco shortening is good for at least 2-3 hp on top. Of course you will need a left-handed black robertson screwdriver and several 5 gallon buckets of steam to complete the job properly, and even then it is tricky. If you're unsure about your mechanical skills, best take it to Midas and let the experts handle the job.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

My Cannondale dident come with a muffler bearing!! I dont think they are required if the bike has fuel injection!!!

I would be careful with that Cannondale, the piston return spring is prone to prematurely stretching out.

There may even be a tech bullitin on it.

I'm not sure.

All these posts about bikes breaking cause of the manufactur trying to make them lighter. I just run 4 pounds less of air in each tire, 4+4=8, so I'm 8 pounds lighter just like that.

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