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Posted a thread 2 wks ago about engine WR426 high idle at running temperature, normal when cold. Replaced std PJ #42 w/ new PJ#48.That kicked it in the A**. Engine has never idled better. Funny thing, after 2 - 3 minutes at idle, the exhaust pipe near the Cyl head no longer glows cherry red either. Clearly, the engine mixture was very lean at idle. Transition from idle to grunt is very smooth and fast. Thanks for all the help.

Good to hear! I am not one to get too extreme with jetting changes, but may give this a try. My '02 has the same symptom as yours did. Let us know if you now have plug fouling problems. I still have the original plug and it looks perfect, the classic light grey. I checked the gap and put it back in because I know it is good. I think it would suck big time if on the trail, I had to remove the seat and tank so I could change a fouled plug.


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