I am getting distressed about the resistence I see to making our bikes quiet enough so we will continue to have places to ride. I know you lost 6 lbs., and the low end seems a little better with a bigger midrange hit, BLah, Blah, Blah.. The fact is that most of these bikes are very powerful and are better than 90% of their riders. Even the exhaust pipe companies don't seem to care about making a real quiet pipe. I run a vortip on a wr426, it's quiet and still has plenty of beans. You need a place to ride or it doesn't matter how much midrange it's got!!!


I agree there is a point where a bike is too loud and offensive. And that non-riders will not like hearing roaring exhaust.

But I also firmly believe the idea that if we all quiet down to a certain level that it will all be ok, is not realistic. There are individuals, groups and organizations that will not cease until all off road activity is stopped. We could all go to government mandated 96db only to have the same folks then say that 96 is too loud.

Dont get me wrong but, we will be expected to give and give and give until its all gone. Whether its sounds, erosion, bothering wildlife, etc there is no changing some folks opinions of dirt bikes.

Dont get me wrong, I still stick the stock baffle in when riding in certain areas around my house. But I just dont see a solution that will keep everyone happy.

My 3 cents.

I agree, quieting our bikes down won't save our riding areas.

Also, I like an authoritative exhaust note. More precisely, I like hearing my bike make power. I don't necessarily think louder=more power, but I don't like hearing my bike try to breath like an asthmatic that is out of wind when I twist the throttle. I don't want to go deaf just to make a few more hp's, either. There's a middle ground somewhere there. A 426 with a Vortip still makes some noise, but it is quiet enough. I don't know where exactly the line should be drawn, but there are a lot of pipes that are just too loud to be run anywhere except on a closed course designed for the purpose of running loud bikes.

The true relevance between exhaust noise and our land use battle has to do with sharing land with other outdoor recreationists and land users. See, the thing is, it's not really these people that are trying to take away our riding privileges. But, we do have to share the land with them. And when it comes to defeating our true enemy, Big Green, all of us land users are going to have to work together.

A simple way to look at it is this. If the other land users (and I don't mean just one cranky old fart or some greenie on a nature walk) think our bikes are too loud, then they are too loud. Give our other land using friends some credit. They are pro land use just like us. They don't want us castrated, they just want us to respect their recreation or land use rights.

I really don't think the answer is some government mandated db level that is applied to all situations and enforced like we were crack distributors or something. I think courtesy and respect could go a long way to avoiding that scenario. Of course, a big part of this is that we need to get busy and work together with all public land users to get Big Green out of the picture.

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fact: more noise does Not equal more power!

fact: quiet pipes do Not SELL! even if they make more power!!!

Ask the people who make the pipes... tell the people who make the pipes that you want a pipe that makes less noise.

Thanks for your thoughts> It is definately true that there are people out there that don't want anyone in THEIR back country and noise is not the issue for them, it's control.. My point is that if people can hear you 2 miles away, it does not enhance their wilderness experience, so we need to recognize the size of the "footprint" we make and reduce it as much as possible while still having fun. I don't want my bike wheezing and overheating either, but there are many people who don't get the same adrenalin rush as you might from the sound of your bike making H.P. I think that as usual the key is to put yourself in rhat hikers shoes and think about what you would think about different noise levels..

Don't you guys see, it's the average Joe, same as you would be if you hadn't ever ridden.

Joe is out enjoying the outdoors his way, hears a quiet bike and is annoyed. Too bad, reasonable Joe knows that you are just enjoying the outdoors your way.

Joe hears uncorked modern 4stroke, is disturbed, can't believe how long he's heard you and is probably a little shaken by the experience. He'll be sure to tell his friends about the 'motosiclesonsabitches' and may complain to the forest service/ranger/owner/whatever.

We need to do everything we can to keep neutral people neutral. The public has a bad perception of bikes as it is, lets not help the grweenies out.

If you want bragging rights, try "can't you handle a guy with a big heavy quiet pipe??"

when their weight doesn't make half as much difference as most think

and they don't hurt power to the ground nearly as much as people think.

If you ride on the fringe of neighborhoods like many of us have to, than more noise CERTAINLY DOES mean less ground to ride on. Here it is not only people out hiking that hear us but people eating breakfast on Sunday morning, people having a BBQ, people sleeping in late, people wanting to increase the value of their property. They are not necessarily activists of any cause - until we give them reason to band against us. Less trails = more users per trail = more people wanting the remaining trails shut down.

I agree that there should be a reasonable middle ground. I do not feel that the WR pipe corked or uncorked has a reasonable power to noise ratio.

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