Since the XR650R is the dirtbike equivalent to a 1 ton Crew-Cab Dually Duramax. I wonder what the maximum trailering capacity is? Maybe the GVWR rating would be an indicator?

All seriousness aside, you know the the 650R could out-pull any dirtbike on the market. The only competition may be the Five and a Quarter KTM. :)

Hey adamwagar,

Your Duramin must be underpowered! :) I hooked my F-350 Crew Cab SRW up to the BRP and pretty much drug it down the street hands down. The frau was pissed! :D She says I jump the gun and she didn't have the clutch fully engaged and only lasted half a block before she fell off. :D

Imagine the results if the F350 was a dually??? :) I think the BRP would do better with a RevLoc... :D

Got an order in for the Quadsan Clutch. Once I get it installed, I'll coax the wife back on it and see how it does.

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