Size:Z50 vs CRF50

I have 2 girls (3 yrs and 2 yrs old), and I would like to get them started early riding. I have a 97 Z50 that is in great shape, but I was thinking about buying a newer CRF50. I have never compared the 2 side by side. How do they compare in seat height, weight, etc? I plan on starting them out by riding with me on it, but eventually I would get a set of case mounted training wheels.


They are comparable in size and weight, but if you already have a Z50 I would go with that because the seat is more comfterble. I have an 04 CRF and a 99 Z50 for my girl friend. She loves to ride her Z but hates the seat on my CRF. Just my .02 have fun.

I think the Z is a few pounds heavier. It's just a little, probably less than 10 lbs difference. The Z has a shorter wheelbase (1 inch). In my experience the suspension is a tad stiffer on the Z50R. I think that either one would be an excellent starter bike. Both have good aftermarkets so upgrades are not a problem. So really, you just need to pick which you like better.

Thanks for the replies. I wasn't sure if the CRF was significantly smaller or not.

My 5 yr. old perfers to ride his Z more than my XR50, more comfortable for him:ride:

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