Learning to Use the Correct Lubricants

Hi all,

Is there a beginners guide to lubrication? Or does one have to pass through mechanics school to learn this stuff? I'm just starting to tear into the bike for winter maintenance, and the first thing I found is that my speedo cable is rusted into the hub unit. I broke it free, got the front wheel off, and cleaned the speedo gear housing of all the black grease that was in there. But I have no idea what I'm supposed to put back in. I can read and follow instructions, e.g. SUnruh's great article on greasing the swingarm (and bought the appropriate grease for the task). But are there rules of thumb I should know about when to use what? I'm willing to learn, but don't know where to start.



swingarm grease should be fine for speedo too, a waterproof marine grade grease is fine for all of the frame lube points or anywhere a grease is used, Mobil 1 makes a great synthetic grease also. white lithium is not as waterproof, as the above mentioned, also it drys out.

Your manual tells you what type of grease to use & where. For the big items, waterproof grease is good. Lithium grease is needed in specific places. There are a few links at my web site for greasing the bike, I think I mentioned which grease to use and where (according to the manual)... Click here.


i use Mobil 1 or Amsoil 2000 (or a mixture of the two) in *ALL* bearings on my bike. no exception.

bel-ray is for those that have not learned. :busted:

all bolts get perma-tex anti-sieze on them also.

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