Another fix off the list

Got my new E rear spring,from a fellow board member. So i pulled the shock,swing arm and pivot. As per the norm,not much in the way of grease. A little on the bearings,bolts were all dry. Low mileage 07s,every thing looked fine. Greased it all up good and put it back together.

Managed to crack the crystal on my cheap o watch in the process.....about 20 fractures,from the center out in all directions. :busted:

About the only thing left to do is grease the steering stem bearings. That will get done when i change the fork oil. Thinking i might go to 7.5 wt. oil.

5 wt is a good choice , expect the steering head bearings to be dry as the rear ..

how often are you suppose to grease these things?

12 monthly is a good choice , depends on the use .

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