Nerve damage?

8 weeks ago I high sided after a set of whoops. When I hit, I landed on my hip and kind of skidded. I was black and blue, had a lot of fluid build up(the Dr. didn't want to drain the fluid for fear of infection) and a patch about 8" square around my hip was numb. I went to the doc and he said it will get better, X-rays showed nothing broken. Still now though, that patch is numb and I get shooting pains below the skin. Even though the top of the skin is numb, below the skin feels raw. Even wearing a pair of jeans hurts. I can press on the skin on my hip and the pain is 6 or 7 inches lower down my leg. Is there anything I can do for this? I've been eating Canadian 222's like candy becasue the Dr. won't give me any pain pills unless I come in and spend $100 on an office visit.

Thanks Dr. Mark

Its is an injury to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. Since it was blunt trauma, the nerve is likely to be in continuity.

Give it time. It will resolve.

Thanks Dr Mark. It's driving me nuts. Is there any type of treatment I can do.

there are some medicines. you may need to break down and see the doc.

When I broke my femur in 09-05, I also had blunt trauma to my right bun and hip area. It didn't break the skin, but is was black and blue for a while, along with a huge fluid pack in the same area. The Doc said the samething, he didn't want to drain it if at all possible due to the risk of infection. My body did absorb it after a few months, but it is still numb and occassionally will give me a shooting pain in that area. I can feel pressure, but I can't feel touch to the skin. Oh well, now my right glute matches my brain.

I have the exact same problem and identical description to walkingwounded except it is on the left side for me. It happened when I had broke some ribs, collapsed and punctured a lung etc.... that happened on june 16th 2007 and still the same numbness has not become any less in the last year..

Yup exactly the same. Nice to know I'm not alone :-)

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