Clutch Pull Too Strong

Hey guys, I have an 02 400sx converted to dualsport with e-start and the whole nine yards etc... When i first got it I only rode streets, so the clutch pull strength was not an issue.

Lately though I've been riding all trails on it, and I have to admit that the clutch pull is exessively strong. So strog that i actually get arm pump and can't hold the clutch lever in after about 30 mins of trails. In addition ot the strong clutch pull, the bike never wants to go inito neutral when sitting still. If i am coasting it twill go into neutral, but hardly ever whwen just sitting in gear.

I have a 07 250sxf too, and it goes into neutral just fine whenever i want, so I don't know if I can place that on just the nature of the beast.

---my questions, 1. are there any ways to ease up the clutch pull on the 400 such as changing sprinigs etc... and 2. is there anything that I need to do to the bike to allow it to go into neutral when sitting still, or is this just the nature of the bike.

Also something else of importance. When the clutch is nott pulled in there is a rattling sound coming from what appears to be the clutcth side of the engine. When the clutch is pulled in the rattling goes away 100% and the clutch works fine. when I heard the rattling last year I assumed either a broke spring, cracked plate or the thrust bearing. I replaced the thrust bearing and everything else appeared finie so I reassembled and have continued riding. Any thoughts on this as well???

Thanks for your Help:thumbsup:

My bike is the same.

I'm using 5wt fork oil in the clutch (as advised by others), has always had a heavy pull. When other people ride my bike they complain about it but I guess I'm used to it.

I can't find neutral unless I use my hand on the gear lever and be really gentle while the engine is running. Although I'm getting good now and can sometimes find it with my foot.

The rattling clutch is a natural RFS trait, they all do it, and it sounds worse if you have a bashplate to reflect the sound back upwards.

Your 250 would have the RC4 motor wouldn't it?

I also have to have the wheels turning to easily find neutral on my bike, the clutch rattle is common on ALL KTM full size bikes 2 and 4st, to ease the clutch pull you can get a different ratio MC or change the fluid to 2.5w fork oil may help. Look on the bottom of the MC and you will find a number embossed like, 9.5, 10, 10.5. Buy a new one with a lower number to get an easier pull.

Thanks a lot for your replies guys!

At least now I am assured that my bike is running normal, haha. I checked the MC and the ration is 9.5, so does anybody know if that is the weakest or not? I bled it the other day using mineral oil as the MC calls for and if anything it seemed to make it stronger (though a few boubles did come out, and the old stuff was kinda dirty). I will try to get my hands on some 2.5 wt fork oil and bleed the clutch out with that and see what happens.

And as the first guy said, yes my 07 250sxf is the rcf not rfs like the 400, so I geuss with 2 different motors i can't really compare how the transmission acts.

Really though, it gets kinda annoying when trail riding in single track and you have to come to a stop for something: 1st i usually have arm pump from the strong clutch pull and then 2nd to add on to it if i don't put the bike in neutral before stopping forget about it and look out arms:banghead:

thanks again!:busted:

they make 9.0 maguras, is this one magura or brembo?

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