mototown usa in Connecticut,status?

Hello, My name is Rick, im looking for some Connecticut riders to chat with. I would appreciate a reply,thanks!

hey im from ct live like 10 minutes away from mototwn, whats up.

Hi 2 smoker,Merry Xmas!

I was at Mototown a couple of weeks ago,have you been lately? Do ya think that there is a chance of the heat being on this winter?

i have not rode there since the place has opened back up, but i did go to look at the track a couple weeks ago i dont like the set up as much as the old one and i hear they dont take care of the track but none the less im going to be going next week once i put my new tires on because theres no where else to ride, lol. And i doubt there ever going to put the heat on because i dont think there really making that much money, and when i went to look at the track it was like 20degrees out, and there was no heat.

Gotta go out,catch up to ya soon,


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