'02 XR650R vs '01 KTM 640 Enduro

I am facing the same old wall that others have faced.......cruising into my mid-50's and getting tired of Kicking that thumper.

My XRR is street legal, nicely farkled and geared down for trail use. The Baja kit is not ideal for the street but adequate and I have other bikes to ride on the street.

I'm not a candidate for a small dirt bike, 6'3" 230 lbs....

I'm thinking about a replacement with the "magic button" and a nice '01 enduro has been presented.

Tell me which way the wind blows........the money says both bikes are about the same....

The XRR rides 80% dirt 20% street and I've managed to do all maintenance and farkling myself........so far........

I've owned Lc4's since '98 and currently have a '98 RXCe620. I've also ridden a XR650R that was totally devoid of any street legal equipment. My 620 is a little slower and heavier than the Honda, of course it has e-start and kick as well. Comparing an LC4 enduro to the R Honda isn;t really comparing apples to apples. A more fair comparison would be the SXC625 to the Honda. A buddy of mine has a 625 and it's considerably faster and lighter than my 620. As long as you realize the enduro Lc4 is not as capable off road as the XRR I think you'll like it. You could alsoe consider a street legal EXC525 if you want a big bore w/true off-road capabilities and e-start too.

Good luck.


'98 RXCe620

'02 EXC300

'04 EXC450

Well it all depends on your personal plans for riding. I've owned both a XR and now I currently own an 01 lc4 640 myself. I wouldn't take my lc4 off-road any day. Between the suspension and tires, assuming they're not dirt tires unless it's the adventure model, this bike really isn't set up at all for off-roading. An adventure model would be suitable, but a bit bulky for true off-roading in my opinion. An XR would be your best choice. I personally do mostly only street riding, so my favorite is an lc4. On pavement an lc4 will handle in ways an XR never could. You said you had plenty of street bikes, so I think you've answered your own question. If dirt is your pleasure, stick with the XR. Good luck!

"Between the suspension and tires, assuming they're not dirt tires unless it's the adventure model, this bike really isn't set up at all for off-roading. "

I have a 2001 640 Enduro, seems to work good in the dirt for me. What model do you have that isn't suitable for the dirt?

I considered an XR650R but I too decided that I wanted the button. I am happy with my LC4 off road with everything but gnarly single track and switchbacks. It has some vibration on the street but I never notice it off road. 350 pounds wet weight with a full 18 litre tank.

I second Jack D. My LC4E is pretty good offroad and WAY lighter than an adventure. I went with the smaller 11L tank, the SXC stock exhaust, and removed the rear peg setup. Now weighs in at 321 pounds which is way lighter than even the stock LC4E. Loads lighter than the Adventure. I don't doubt the XRR is a tad-bit better offroad, but not much. The LC4E is easier to load and ride onroad. I'm a true 50/50 rider so the E wins in my book.

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