Pro Circuit Exhaust suppose to have dent? Pic!

I just recieved my brand new PC single exhaust for my 07 and it has a dent in it, which im thinking might be for clearance by the shock but im not sure. Can someone tell me if this is suppose to look like this?


of course! its for clearance...your fine

of course! its for clearance...your fine

ok. i just wasnt sure because although it was brand new, i got it from ebay so nothing would surprise me. To me (mind you i havent tried to fit it onto the bike yet) it looks like it would clear the shock area fine w/o being shaped in but like i said i havent tried to install it yet.

I'll confirm later tonight (not that spc mike is wrong). I took mine off today (before reading this post).

None of mine ever had that dent,but the new ones could be different.If they are,I would hope the PC boys could do a better job than that for clearance!

I know the mid-section of my system has a "clearance bump", I just don't recall where it is.

Here's the pic:


On the 07, it's for shock spring clearance. What year is your bike?

The "dents" look to be identicaly made.I dont remember the earlier ones having this,again Im probably wrong though.

my pc exhaust had one

Reread your initial post... you run an 07 too. I wonder why the "dents" are in different locations relative to where the pipe mounts to the bike. :busted:

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