Where can I get a ttr125 frame?

Well guys I bought an 2004 TTR125L yesterday for $400. The bike looked a bit ruff but the guy told me the motor and frame were good. I had to drive 2.5 hrs to the guys house and it was dark when I got there. Anyways I get the bike back home and noticed the frame is cracked on both of the side spars. One is completely split in half and the other is cracked. Needles to say I'm pissed and the guy wont answer his phone.

Anyways does anyone know where I can get a new frame and for the cheapest price?? Thanks.


I've seen a few on E-Bay, but you should be able to get it welded and gusseted a whole lot cheaper.

I've seen a few on E-Bay, but you should be able to get it welded and gusseted a whole lot cheaper.

Well I had my buddy bring his stick welder over and we did the best we could, it should hold up to my girl riding it. On of the subframe spars is broke off though so I guess I'll have to jury-rig some side panels on there once I find out where to get them.

I have a fully gusseted frame for sale. It has no paper work though.

you'll probably have a hard time finding one with paperwork...

check ebay, or buy one oem...

one oem for an '04 is gonna be 550-600 dollars easily...

spend the $ 240.00 for the BBR frame cradle and have some one tig or mig it.

ive seen frame on ebay go for less than a hundred more than once..if socal has a gusseted frame that might be the way to go.

Have yours welded and reinforced and add a BBR cradle, this will have to be done to the new frame anyway. Also make sure the top motor mount on the head is not broken off, that can also be welded. Mike

Here's mine that was completely broken and welded and reinforced and cyl head welded


The slot in the reinforcement is for the overflow bottle mount for Go Kart tracks

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