XR70 frame

I bought my son a 2000 xr70 from christmas, while cleaning it up for him I noticed the sub frame that supports the seat and rear fender had been broken and welded back together at some point. The welds seem to be very poor quality. I'm looking for advice, should I replace the frame, get it rewelded, or roll as is. The frame does seem to be sturdy despite the ghetto welding job.

I saw a 2004 xr70 frame on ebay, I know I'll have to upgrade the seat and tank, and plastics if I go this route, but will everything else bolt up?

Depending on how bad it is, I would just grind the welds back down and have it repaired the right way. If not, pre '03 frames are cheaper on Ebay than the '04+ CRF frames. If you did go with an '04+ frame and got all the right body work, then yes, the 2000 chassis components will bolt right on. Front end, swingarm/shock, engine mounts and wiring harness are all pretty much the same from '97 and up. Hope this helps.:busted:

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