Anodised rims..........

your wr should have stock excel rims already im sure they are of better quality then the ones for 36$ .

I have a spare set of Pro Wheels that I have my M12's with tire balls mounted on when I doing some of the more serious off-road events and don't want to risk flats.

I then switch back to the stock rims and DOT tires when I'm in Dual Sport mode,

It is a pricey alternative but it is very time consuming to install and mount the tires with the tire balls system but I don't want to destroy the tire balls with a lot of road riding, In the end this will save me both time and money.

Those ebay wheels are interesting :busted:

personally re-spoking a rim is a pain , once you have done a few its fine but the first on its like omg am i doing .

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