my clickers!

On my right fork tube, my compression clicker clicks in endlessly. (Clockwise)

Their are 24 clicks of adjustment. I can click it out (counterclockwise) to the end just like the other fork tube, but clicking clockwise is endless. The clicker goes in the same actual depth as the other one but keeps spinning.

Does anyone think I no longer have any adjustment on that fork tube or am I okay? It is an 05 KX 250.

Thanks in advance


I'd take it off and do a test by hand to compare.

what do you mean? my forks are off the bike.

what do you mean? my forks are off the bike.

exactly, compress the forks manually while messing with the clicker, compare to the other. dont know if you have lost the adjustment, but something is deffinatly broke

is it easy and cheap to replace? Is it a simple part? just like a water hose valve or something more complex? I am pretty sure I broke it too. I took them off to get them rebuilt. I decided I would see how many clicks I can go in and out. I kept clicking this tube in, it got a little stiff, I clicked it again, made a solid pop and here we are with no adjustment. another "Way to go Greg" moment.

Something is broken internally. The adjuster screw should bottom. It's probably no longer attached to anything.

On the 05's is the rebound up top and comp on bottom?

I know on my 01 the comp adjuster (bottom) is a pressed together unit that does not come apart. The rebound adjuster on mine looks like you could take it apart.

OK, so we can skip ahead now that we heard the story.

Yep, you broke it. You will need another fork cap.

Compression is on top from 05 - 07 (06 and on for four-stroke).

I did a similar thing when I got my first motorcycle. On my DRZ400S, I was setting all the clickers back to stock settings. When I got to the clicker on top of the left fork tube, I turned in expecting to feel a hard stop instead of the soft one that you actually feel. I ended up with a endlessly turning clicker just like you are talking about, only in both directions. I looked at a parts diagram of the fork to see what might have happened and for the DRZ400S, there is a shaft that connects between the clicker cap and the a valve down lower in the fork. I imagine I have stripped out something or become disconnected from that shaft. It would help too I bet if you look at a parts diagram of your fork. They have OEM diagrams for all the kawasaki dirt bikes at motosport, or if they have the OEM parts store back up here at TT they will have it too. I remember it went down for a while and am not sure if they are back up yet. Good luck.

PS-I have yet to fix my fork on the DRZ400S. I got more interested in my 2 stroke after I got it, so my DRZ is mostly a street bike and the fork setting is stuck wherever it broke I think...all the way on max compression...I will fix it someday.

For everyones info I took it back to the shop that put seals in it and they took the fork cap off and found the threads were stripped. They rethreaded it and told me not to go all the way in or it will happen again. But the adjustment is definitely their! All for no charge. Thanks for everyones input.

Sweet! Congratulations!

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