A little help please

The wife is going to the US on a shopping trip ( so boaring ) BUT this gives me a little credit for what I would like to do. This is where you come in to it......I want to go on a trail riding holiday with a nice throbbing 450 between my legs......any idears please ...if you have been on one and can recomend it even better...thanks Smurf

If you want to do it here in the states, I can recomend a few great places. If you want to do it over there on your side of the pond, sorry, can't help you mate...:busted:

Sorry for the delay in the reply Christmas s**t you know,hope to get dirty in the states...land lots of land and starie skys above and all that Idaho looks good fun, dose the $20 a day inclued the bike .....I don't think so....any more idears people please

depends on where you're going, man...

are you going to New York, or Florida... huge difference...

Renting a 450 will probably be pretty expensive

Thanks all but had a better idear I am going to put the funds into some thing I have wanted to do for a long time .....xt500 twinshock with some mods

If you want, you can rent one of my bikes. It is an 06 YZ450. I didnt even ride it in 08. It is in great condition.

I live in Greensboro, North Carolina. There is a lot of great riding in the area, and I am planning on doing all of the GNCCs this year, so we could arrange something for one of the races if you want.




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