What has to be done to put duals on an X?


I was wondering what has to be done in order to put duals on a X?

Is it even possible?

or worth it?


exhaust? than you need to completely change the airbox, rear fender and side panels to be able to fit that left side exhaust. And on top of that you need to to buy the exhaust and maybe some modification to other things. You are definatly looking at a big hole in your pocket

I guess it would be possibe, but probably easier and cheaper to get a 250r and make it like a X

Making the R like the X is also a very expensive proposition. You would need the sub frame, plastics and air boc from the R. You may need the carb too but im not sure on that one.

Worth it? No. Waste of money, adding weight, for negligible if any performance gain. Stick with the stock stuff or look into an MRD. I think he makes an X pipe. :busted:

I have a Pro Circuit 496,

I just think a dual exhaust would look B.A. :busted:

Don't forget tou will lose the e start....battery has got to go when you put the R a/b on. Biggest impediment to make an R like an X or vice-versa is the xmsn, the gears and such are not inter-changeable(so I have read).

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