rate my bike

nice bikes man I give it a 10!! for its age it looks mint

its an 02, its pretty beasty

Nice job

i bought it for 2000

7 out of 10

a 10 would be a factory bike

i would give it a 6 or 7. I love the way it runs though its engines almost all aftermarket

8 because I love kawi's nice bike!!!

7. :busted::moon::p

I give you a 9.5 for simply taking such good care of your toys.:busted:

right now its got a broken clutch lever and i havent had time to put it on:foul:

I give it a strong 9. When you get some cash, get a black sprocket, it will look much better.... Anyway, nice ride!!

Nice 9:ride:

yea, im getting one soon


nice bike

anybody got any suggestions on how to make it sicker?

I give you a 10!

Great condition!

I would put a Black Seat Cover on it, but hey, its your bike.


i like the seat on it pretty good its really grippy

i like the seat on it pretty good its really grippy

o sweet

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