New to site 03 WR450

Just bought an 03 WR450 and was excited to find this site. After a week of reading everything I could on here I'd like some opinions on setting up my bike. I've read all the info on jetting and what everyone else has but can't find one close enough to my atlitude, etc. Here's what I have; any info or help is greatly appreciated. Planning on an adjustable throttle screw and some new jets. Just not sure which ones.

The bike has the dreaded bog bad. I think the bike originally came out of MI. and never got rejetted for altitude.

Note: I'm at 8000 feet and will be riding between 8-10K feet. Temp: 65-80

Airbox opened up

Grey wire cut

Exhaust baffle out

Throttle stop done

Main jet 145 (don’t know where that came from)

Pilot 45

Starter 65

Leak 70

No adjustable throttle screw

Bike bogs bad and pops on decal.

Looking for help on jetting and any other mods that would help.

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