650R $300 Full Big Gun Style Exhaust!!

I saw this while browsing Ebay and thought I would pass it on. This looks pretty amazing for $300 bucks! :p It's supposed to be a big gun style exhaust without the name brand price! If I did not already have a full exhaust I would have already bought it. Check this out! :busted::moon:


I would think this would make an awesome use of the xmas money. I would not hesitate to buy it if I was not already in love with my FMF Powerbomb. I was reading in another listing that it is rumored to be an actual Big Gun exhaust that was rejected for scratches or imperfections at the big gun packaging line. Im not sure people realize that this is half price, most of us paid $300 for just the muffler alone!

I bought a brand new Big Gun full system for my bike six years ago for $250. Was a great deal at the time. The can eventually fell apart, but the headers stayed intact. It was barely worth the $250 IMO.

We have two Ceramic coated Big Gun (not the EVO) systems and they both got rust spots throught the ceramic coating in one week. Thin tubing that dents very easy. Great for the weekend family rider on a low budget.

My idea of the best exhaust systems:

Moriwaki is #1 Has the biggest flowing header muffler out there with lower noise out put. It is not made anymore.

Akrapovic I have ridden the old wrap around system and loved it.

Staintune Just about as beautiful made as the Moriwaki! Good all around system.

Barnum's Pro Exhaust, Wrap around, almost as free flowing as the Moriwaki! Ceramic coated steal.

XR's Only Stainless System

All the FMF, white Brothers and Pro Circuit T4 - all are great and made well, each has it's own personality.

I have had or ridden bikes with all of these and there is a difference on how the power come on and when. I have had the older XR's only header also and I think was the best ever for a stock setup bike. Gave more mid and some top end power with very little loss to the bottom end. Bower bomb or not to ower bomb? I have ridden both and like them both, Rich Tracy went no bomb and it was close to the old XR's only with a little more top end.

As far as flow goes for top end power ability:


Barnum's Pro


XR's Only Stainless System

White Brothers 'E' Series megaphone system (wasn't made for long)


The Older Big Gun System

FMF Power Bomb

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