Will the WR 250 tank bolt on to the YZF 250?

Anyone have an answer? My buddy wants a slightly larger sano looking tank.

I should probably clarify, he has an 08 YZ 250F and the WR 250F went to an aluminum frame in 08?? So if it would swap with a WR, it'd probably be an 08 or 09 model.

He doesn't want a Clarke tank, the IMS is too big and Acerbis is not showing that they make one. He really wants to know if the WR tank would bolt right up.

Still wondering...

Well, I know wr went aluminum in 07, but I don’t know if the tanks can switch. I think they are interchangeable because the frames are the same. i would try it! Good luck

The Radiators are ONE row WIDER on a WR, but there is enough flex in the shroud to fit.

Yes it will fit, but he will have to replace the shrouds also. I have both if he is interested. PM me with any questions.


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