Tell me about the RT180

I recently picked up a 1997 RT180 for free off craigslist. It runs okay, it's in decent shape and has a title and is registered. The awesome guy who gave it away wanted it to go to a deserving person who didn't plan to re-sell it for profit. I am fixing it up a bit and giving it to a friend of mine who recently got divorced so he can ride with his son. I also got his son a CRF80 for $450 so I'm doing my Christmas deeds here!

Anyway, I don't know anything about this bike. As I said, it runs okay but takes about 6-8 kicks to get going. The carb is leaking out of the overflow, probably needs a float adjustment? Is there anything to look out for on these bikes? Should I remove the oil injection system? Any first hand advice or pointers is appreciated.

I had a 97 rt100, and yes i would remove the injection and just premix it. The oil injection failed on mine.

you sound like a nice guy

remove oil injection, plug it and mix. and adjust the carb float.

still running the oil injection on the 1990 rt100, its easy for kids or people new to bikes to just add gas to the tank and oil to the resevoir. never had a problem just lube the cables adjust it correctly and forget about it. Check the float height and make sure the valve is sealing, I would also check the brakes. Clean the bike up change the fluids check all the bolts and enjoy it.

If the bike has been sitting long, I'd check the needle and seat on the carb before changing the float level.

I had an older one, and loved the low-end torque. I wouldn't recommend jumping it much, as I don't recall the suspension being really great. Seems to me I broke the end off my sternum on the gas cap of mine, when I came up short on a double - another lesson learned... :busted:


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