Santa Came to My House!

Santa brought me an Athena 280 kit and Rekluse Pro for my 06 250X!

I will install the big bore first and get it jetted correctly, than install the Rekluse.

Wish me luck on installing.


ok. if its not too late for santa to come back, you should get a hot cam stage 1,2,or 3. it just depends on what terrain you ride.

i am undecided about a different came. I thought about it and want to try the stock cam first. I formally rode 400's and up and like and am use to low end torque.

I think if I feel I need more upper rev power, I might go with an 05R or 08R cam.


With a 302 motor, the 08 "R" cam is the hot set up. I think that it would also match the 280 kit as well. Can't beat the price and no concerns about the quality vs. a regrind.

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