clutch or not

I got into the habit of shifting up and down on my xr650 without the clutch most of the time. Any of you guys ride your 300 that way?

I always use my clutch. I thought we were supposed to. Doesn't it damage the gears to shift without using the clutch? :busted:


I always use the clutch, only exception is when I am unable to pull it in. Case in point, going up a steep hill climb, standing up, and you need to shift down, just a tap, same goes for upshifting. Its easier on the tranny to remove the load when shifting. But that doesnt mean you will certainly have trouble if you dont use the clutch.

ive heard by speed shifting u keep the wear down on the clutch and is better

Im 50-50, years ago the manf did a lot if work to get the timing and speed of the gear train correct so you could shift smoothly under full power upshifts. It was in all the magazines 20 years ago. I dont use it much for up shifts and do use it for some down shifts

On all my bikes, I almost never use it to downshift and I am about 50/50 on upshifts.

this is discussed every year on every board. It comes down to "do what you think is right", no RIGHT answers here. As long as it doesnt lock up the gearbox then it will work.

when the poo is about to hit the fan; nasty trail, hill climbs ..... no clutch. If I have the time,

Rekluse Pro.......I shift both ways! :moon::busted:

Many KTM's 2 and 4 st.

Rarely use the clutch up or down. Never had a problem.

I do back off the throttle a little, Just about the amount you would if you did. use the clutch.

I also change the oil often and never find shavings.

Its surprising how much faster you can run through the gears without the clutch.

i've i'm just cruising i generally find myself useing the clutch to go up and down gears, however once i start pushing myself a certain mindset takes over and the only thing the clutch get's used for is to control wheel spin, i've never had any troubles with this but t efinantly makes sence to remove load from the engadgment dogs before shifting.

clutch is a power lever for smoker


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