Steahly lighting coil

Want to put some lights on my '03 cr250. Been doing some research and SteahlyOffroad makes one that (they claim) puts out 60W--most others I've seen put out 50W. Anyone used one of steahlys' before? If so, have you used a 55W bulb in your light and what results have you had? Although pricey, I would prefer something like E-line to run some real lights. The site says '92-'01 for cr250; anyone know if these will fit '03 or if they make one that does?

Mainly what I'm looking for is enough bright light for a decent trail pace in the dark. Doesn't have to be blazing, just decent.

Thanks folks!

I snagged a L99 from a guy on Craigslist last month. I just recieved some wireing and a regulator from Steahly the other day. At 55 watts they recommended a 35 watt headlight. This is assumeing that you will also be running tailight. I'm going to be wireing up an"01"

I would check with Steahly and ask them your questions. They seem like descent guys to deal with.

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