race gas

going to raise the compression with a Phathead head on cr250. What type of race gas do people use. thanks

VP racing fuel 114

chevron with techron regular

I like Citgo 110 or in a pinch I'll use Turbo Blue

I've heard of a loss of power w/the use of race fuel. Don't use it unless you have to.

I use 93/MC1.

There's more about race gas in here that you can read in a month. Maybe give VP a call they have numerous choices. I personally have tried Ultimate 2, MR2, and C12. The leaded oxygenated fuels like the MR2 were difficult for me to get jetted correctly, but everyones situation is different.

Vp C12 and if your not getting to crazy with the compression you can mix it 1:1 with pump prem. and save a few $$

I prefer Klotz 113 leaded and mix 30/70 with pump premium.

VP U2 for me! I have used C12, and MR2 in the past, but currently use U2. It is more work due to jetting, flushing, stinking up the gararge, and being expensive.... but I still love it! Once set up properly, it is worth the loot and extra work in my opinion.

As mentioned before, use the miminum ocatane that your ride needs, and jet accordingly and you will be set.

Best of luck!

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