Merry NW Christmas to all

From Kuna Idaho.

To all my NW Brothers and Sisters.

Hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas.

hey thanks, and MERRY CHRISTMAS from vancouver wa.

Thank you and hope you have a wonderful holdays as well from Renton Wa:ride:

Merry Christmas from Wetport WA.

Merry Christmas from Spokane, WA.

And a Very Merry Christmas from Bremerton, Wa

Merry Christmas from Kirkland!

4" of snow on top of the 16" we already had.


Merry Christmas from Boise......

Merry Christmas from Ballard, hope Santa brought you all some ridin' goodies.:busted:

bah humbug!...( i work in retail!)...oh well, merry christmas anyway :busted:


The first Christmas I have ever seen snow in the valley in the Portland metro area. What a year, my kids finished opening presents with snow falling out side,, perfect. Merry Christmas everyone.


Merry Christmas from Tumwater!

I wish you and your family and friends a very Merry Christmas and happy and safe New Year.

Randy Nilles Spokane Valley

Merry Christmas from Bothell

Merry Christmas from North Bend. This is the first christmas I ever remember wehre it dumped down snow both christmas eve and day. This is crazy...the icicle is merging into the tree below it.


bah humbug!...( i work in retail!)...oh well, merry christmas anyway :busted:


I soooo understand after having spent 18 years in retail.

Merry Christmas from Federal Way/Edgewood

I soooo understand after having spent 18 years in retail.

Merry Christmas from Federal Way/Edgewood

HUH??...not fair! how did you escape?:busted:


HUH??...not fair! how did you escape?:busted:


What, don't you like being salaried yet working 75 hours a week for two months?

To tell you the truth, I quit in Aug so some other poor bloke had to come in and manage the store going into Christmas, then sold the house and moved the fam to another country. Seems somewhat of a desperate extreme no? Took me 6 weeks to finally learn to relax. That was back in 93. I actually enjoy Nov and Dec now.

ok, last post on the retail thing.....yogi, been doing this for 30 yrs :busted: work 50 hrs min to 65 every week and rarely 2 days in a row off ( never weekends), also one closing shift a week. i must ( am) be crazy! THEN there is the christmas rush....arrrrgggghhhh!!^%@##


We'll make up for it in the spring Joe, maybe a trip to Lake Wenachee for a couple days riding.:busted:

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      We need a thread so that those of us who carry chain saws and other trail working tools, know what needs attention.  Along with that, some ice and snow reports would be great to include too.  So, if you see a trail blockage, post it up with some good info on where it is, how big the tree is, and maybe even include a photo if you've got a chance. Another good idea might be to post up if you took care of one of the issues posted in this thread. You can't count on most people to get off their bike/quad and move a fallen tree that can be moved without a saw. There are far to many trenches going around logs that could just be rolled off the trail, so the faster we can address it, the better we can keep the trail system.  
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