best pipe for me

I have a 2003 cr 250 and am looking at getting new pipe and silencer. Thing is I would like to get something that has 4 stroke like power like my crf. I know it is a 2 stroke but is there a good pipe combo that will pull from down low and rev out decently. I would say I stay in the middle of the power band I dont rev it out all that much. But looking to flatten out that big hard hit it has in the middle of the revs.I have pc platinum and shorty on right now. Truthfully the low end sucks right now with that pipe combo tell me what you think. I ride 50\50 mx and trail.

FMF Gnarly:thumbsup:

FMF Gnarly:thumbsup:

will the gnarly take to much off top or will it be the same on top. The lack of low end and the sudden hard snap in the middle is what I would like to flatten out.

it will give a boost on the bottem which will smooth into the middle, you may lose a little on top,but i didn't noice much if any loss. I had the pc pipe also and it had a strong hit in the middle also and the Gnarly helped smooth it out.

one of the best things I put on it was a flywheel wieght it smooths every thing out, but don't go to heavy if you ride mx.:busted:

I would go with FMF fatty pipe

Gnarly with a 11oz flywheel weight; you will be set. Smooth roll on low end just like a four stroke. If you ride more track, then I would just get a Gnarly (no flywheel weight)

I've read that if you want the power to come on early in the powerband, possibly induce a mid hit, then a shorty silencer will do it. IF you want the powerband to come on later, and slightly extend the top end power, then a long length silencer will do it.

I've read that if you want the power to come on early in the powerband, possibly induce a mid hit, then a shorty silencer will do it. IF you want the powerband to come on later, and slightly extend the top end power, then a long length silencer will do it.

what he said but the other way. shorter silencer more top, longer more bottem-end

heres what ive come up with so far fmf gnarly with one of these silencers Q-stealth, Q spark arrestor, or a turbine core2. I need to have a spark arrestor for the trails I ride on but Im thinking the Q stealth might be to large and bulky for mx. what do you think?

i went with the FMF SST with a powercore 2 silencer works extremely well and i also have a Q stealth and still works very well with the spark arrestor

I would go with the turbine core myself

what he said but the other way. shorter silencer more top, longer more bottem-end

Thanks for correcting me on that. I had to revisit the writing, and that's basically what Eric Gorr said under the basic 2 stroke tuning section in his book:

A long silencer with a small diameter enhance the low to mid

power because it increases the bleed-down pressure in the pipe. A silencer with a short length and a large

core diameter provides the best bleed-down pressure for a high rpm engine.

Gnarly or stock pipe, with a power core2.

go with the fmf gnarly, I have it on my 2000 cr 250, and love it have decent low end and great power all the way through, no huge kick when you get in the power band. If you want more low end best thing to do is get a heavier fly wheel, you will love it.

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