5 dollar graphics from cycle gear!

i got these 5 dollar graphics for a 08 yz 250f and cut em an put em on my 2002 yz 250f good deal ya?! heres a pic! and does any one know how to stretch out a seat cover? lol




and i also got some extra ones for this bike and some for my 450 and they came with seat covers!

nice graphics. Im going to my local cyclegear store for some tire spoons.

thats sick dude. awesome deal

thats a ridiculous deal

wow, great find! My friend just bought that kit for his 125 and paid like 60 bucks for it

omg dude thats sick ive been looking for a decent set of graphics for my bike its an 02 too and i cant find any sick deal and they look great

sick deal! how long's that going on for?

Got a link for those? Cant find any on their site.

You need to heat up the seat cover before you try to install it. In the summer you can just lay it in the sun untill it gets hot. In the winter you have to get creative. You can use a space heater, a hair dryer or a clothes dryer to heat it up. You just have to be careful not to burn it.

Here's the "hot" ticket to softening up your seat cover without risk of damaging it. It really works well! Try it:

Get a big pillow case and put the seat cover inside. Then secure the top with rope or string to keep it shut. Put it in the dryer on high for 5 or 10 mins till soft. The pillowcase keeps the plastic from melting and keeps the cover free from abrasions in the dryer.:busted::moon:

Thats a GREAT DEAL!!!

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