Help Finding The Perfect Moto-Van!

I'm thinking about buying an old cargo van for hauling my bike(s). Here are some things I'm looking for.



-Enough room for at least 2 bikes, maybe 3.

-CHEAP, hopefully a used one for around $1000 or less.

There may be more things i need to consider but i think these are some of the most important ones. I dont care how old it is as long as it fits the above characteristics.

Can you guys help me figure out what to look for? And maybe shoot around some ideas on different models and discuss some previous experiences with cargo vans and mpg/reliability. Thanks!

I think reliability of $1000 vans would certainly be an issue..

Ford Econolines have always been tough. My grandpa has one with 190k miles and has the original motor and auto trans. Although it's a passenger van, a cargo is just a hollowed out version. They are tough vehicles but won't pass a gas station.

your best bet will be local auctions or large business's liquidating they're inventory of trucks/vans. $1000 dollar can get you something decent, but don't expect much.

I think reliability of $1000 vans would certainly be an issue..

My thought also

My buddy bought a 90 Dodge 2500 van for $500 from the local deli. We cleaned it up, painted it like the mystery machine and placed a couch in the back and some curtains and a stereo. That van is a freaking tank. The things it has done are unbelieveable. I'm surprised we haven't been killed in it yet. It has 100,000 miles and still runs like clockwork. Just regular oil changes and tune ups.

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