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Husky 2008 TE510 - Summer Ride around Owyhee Reservoir

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As all you Husky folks in the northwest are looking at deep snow and I'm stuck in West Africa for the holidays, I thought I would post to lighten up the mood.

This is an 'adventure' trip I've wanted to do for a while on my TE510 from Owyhee Junction to Jordan Valley in Eastern Oregon. I finally got around to it this past fall (September 2008).

The tricky part is the west side of Owyhee Reservoir including a ford of the Owyhee River.


Taking off from the Airstream near Owyhee Junction. Early start for a change !


On the dirt to Twin Springs campground with Grassy Mountain in the background. Done this many, many times and never really get tired of the views.


Coming down into the Owyhee River near the old Watson town site (abandoned). Nice cottonwoods and mosquitoes aren't bad at all.


Trusty steed kitted out with DirtBagz tank and fender bags, 2x 1.5 liters extra fuel and Motosportz midpipe guard / bash plate. I did carry an extra 0.5 gallons of fuel which I used at the 25 mile point to fill up. Lack of range is the most serious drawback to using the TE510 as an adventure bike, other than that I quite enjoy the ride.


Ford across the Owyhee River, flow at Rome, Oregon is running roughly 150 cfs during September. You wouldn't want to do this in the spring of course. The ford was a good gravel base. As I was riding solo I just dismounted and pushed the bike across the river.


On the south side of the Owyhee crossing after climbing up onto the rim. This is where the TE510 comes into its own as the 'road' is steep, rocky and rutted. Point, throttle up and go !


View up on the south rim looking towards "The Tongue". Lava all around, really cool. Owyhee mountain range in the background.


Quick run past the Cow Lakes and into Jordan Valley for lunch.


Trip back to Owyhee Junction ws via highway 95 and Marsing / Homedale / Adrian. Obviously the butt getting a bit sore at this point. 200 miles total. Finish the day in traditional fashion with an adult beverage and sunset view of Mitchell Butte in the background.


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Sounds like fun, I'm jealous of your surroundings and beautiful views. I love reading stories like these, the american dream in action!

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Iv'e rode the sucker creek camp area to three fingers and the resevoir,But never the big loop like you did!

Wow that's a long loop.

I'll put that on my list..

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Great ride and photo's. Living in the Southeast, our geography is a bit different. Love those wide open spaces out your way.

I'm putting this on my riding "to do" list.



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