Pre Race Checklist

Does anyone have a comprehensive Pre Race maintenance checklist that I could print out and take to my workshop , so i can tick things off as i do them during the week , so come the weekend or before a big ride I havent forgotten anything. The old memory isnt as good as it used to be .

Thanks guys

Just as you go through your bike, make small notes on a pad of things that could be vital in checking. i.e: brake pads, throttle/clutch play, air filter. etc.....write them down after a few race weekends and soon enough you'll have a list. Come type it up and you got it.

Start at the back and go front:

Pull the rear wheel grease axel etc.

brake, spokes, sprocket, rotor.

then go forward checking everything in between.

stop when you get to the front wheel.

Thanks for that, I was just looking in the manual and i could probably print the maintenance schedule out as a start. Ive got that in pdf file from Yamaha Aust site..(I previously printed valve clearance adjustment out and stuck it on the wall, that helped).

But I'd really like one from a race team that has everything in it in a list form with a check box.

I asked a team manager for a copy once and got read the riot act about intellectual property rights etc , just after i gave him a couple of grand for parts from his company, go figure. Any ideas guys?

I asked a team manager for a copy once and got read the riot act about intellectual property rights etc

Intellectual? In Australia? :busted:

Just a Christmas Day joke, mate.

You've ridden your bike some, I'd guess, so you know to a degree what areas are problematic. Normal maintenance items like air filters and fork seal and tube cleaning are every day items. Chain tension checks, lube items, and depending on what oil you use, an oil change. It's just like getting the bike ready for any other ride. Build your own list. Add to it as you remember stuff.

Thanks Gray Ill keep working on my own list I guess. I hate remembering at the last minute Ive forgotten my spokes or sprocket bolts or something stupid.

Hope you guys have had a top Xmas and going to have a great New Year as well and you get in a few rides as well.

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