winter racing in Washington state

some video from a race last weekend - a very chilly day for racing

WOW That's commitment right there I don't know if I would do that or not but it never snows here just gets cold probably not compared to washington state but cold enough.

I bet you get much colder then we normally do.. this is in Western Washington, where we're usually rainy and mid forties for most of the winter.. but we do get a cold spell once in a while

is it fun racing without studs?

lol i saw the first part, and you guys were sliding all over the place:ride:

Looks like fun. What was there 3 people in the race. I hope you had at least studs on the tires.

I only made it out for the long course which had about 14 riders. It was a five mile course, running for two hours total. There were a few other races earlier in the day, but it was the first event of a new series, plus with temps about 20 degrees colder then normal, it kept the numbers down. I think only one or two had studded tires.. we just don't get that much ice on the wet side of the state..

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