wr 450 hp


I am thinking about buying a 08 wr 450. I owned a yzf 426 and i am wondering how does a wr 450 (free mods done + yzf complete exhaust) compare with yzf 426 power wise?

I am hopping to get 2 or 3 hp more out of the wr to compensate for the additional weight.

definitely more power then the 426 , are you planning to do the cam's to ?

02 yz426-231.5 pounds dry

08 wr450-248.0 pounds dry

i can't find actual hp numbers but if you put a set of cam's in the 450 and all the free mods with a pipe i guarantee it will spank a 426 , i wouldn't even worry about the cams , but its an easy option .

the alluminum frames are a lot better mannered bikes you won't regret it .

just don't freak out when you drive a corked wr , i know i wondered why the throttle didn't move and figured a 450 should be doing a little more then a 250 .

my 07 wr450 with all the free mods and a fmf pipe and mega bomb jetted on the dyno pulled 51.2 hp before I put in the yz ex cam . I have not run it after that . I should because I have done quite a few mods since then . A J.E. piston , hot cams , +1mm vavles and a ported yz head.

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