accelerator pump diaphrams

I was looking at the carburetor parts lists and found six different pump diaphrams listed. Anybody know the difference?


5JG-14940-17-00 (OPT)

5JG-14940-18-00 (STD)

5JG-14940-19-00 (OPT)


5JG-14940-06-00 (OPT)

5JG-14940-07-00 (STD)

5JG-14940-08-00 (OPT)

Volume possibly?

I think it is volum, but someone said that you cannot order any of the optional diaphrams. And it's the same as BKMod...

I tried on several occasions to order a few optional diaphragms, just out of curiousity, but they were not available. At least one other TTalk member tried and had the saem result. It has been over a year since my last attempt.

In the center of the pump diaphragm is a brass (I think, could be steel) dimple, the top side is flat where the pump rod butts it, the bottom portion is an extension of about 1 mm or so.

It would be hard to alter the volume of the pump without changing the chamber size, the educated guess around here has been that the optional diaphragms have different length dimples, which have the affect of shortening or lengthening the accelerator pump stroke.

But as far as I know nobody around here has ever actually received one.

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