Merry Christmas to everyone

Merry Christmas to all my brother and sister riders.

More than new bikes, my family and I wish everyone good health in the coming year.

Thank you Dr. Mark, the same to you and your family from mine. It is true, without your health you couldn't ride, but you could still wish for a new bike for me if you like!!!! Have a great New Year,


Thanks Dr. Mark, the very same to you.

Merry Christmas Doc!!!!!

Merry Christmas to you too Doc! I was cussing you for a few weeks, but it's getting better every day!

:busted: soon!

Happy Holidays Doc!!! Thanks for all that you do.....

Scotty J and Family....:busted:

Dr. Mark,

Merry Christmas to you and your family. You are an incredibly valuable contributor to this site. Your willingness to help us recover from our "mistakes" via this forum in generous and very much appreciated.

May the new year treat you very, very well!

Thank you again!


Merry Christmas to you, Dr.

Shoulder is more limber by the day.

I ditched that sling when I left your office too, I can now give the TD sign. :busted:

"tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree"

Merry Christmas,heres to ya doc :busted:

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