baur wheels

I have fitted a pair of baur sm wheels on my wr400 lots of hassle making spacers changing bearings and finally making a rear spindle they couldnt have been more of a pain but they were a bargain my final problem stopping me riding it is the front disc can have only 4 bolt holes ive tried sm wheel disc stockists please does anyone have any ideas the guy i bought the wheels off says he thinks they came off a husky

Are they Behr wheels? If so, they may very well have come off a Husky as they have used them quite extensively.

yes your right behr any idea about discs ive spoken to another shop today they say all 320mm discs have 6 bolt holes none have 4

10 seconds on the Husky website...


You are looking for the front rotor off a newer Husky 450/510 SMR. I would guess 2002 or newer are all the same, but you will have to look into that.

thanks wrx you are spot on my wheel is off a 125 husky same hub and rim as 510 but small disc i need disc in the picture what i find bizzare is so called supermoto wheel disc supplyers dont have a clue and they sell this gear

I did some checking and am having a hard time finding other rotors listed for the Husky. You may need to hit the Husky dealer. Stock rotors are Brembo so they are good quality from the factory.

Another thought is to look at the EBC catalog (Downloadable pdf) Google EBC brakes and go from there. Under the rotor section for Husky, they list the different rotors for them and they have a separate notation for the 4 bolt rotors.


I don't know if they would work for you, but Honda XR650R front rotors have only four holes, and several companies make 320mm rotors for them.

If the XR rotor and the Husky are the same, the EBC catalog will tell you that.


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