a semi decent bike overall/ aftermarket support

hey everyone i actually own a united motors dual sport 200 and i ride the day lights out of it i've put 1700 truley abused miles on it and overall it's been ok. there have been a few things shake off but all in all nothin a ratchet and screw driver didn't fix but i do have some issues. number one the bike is uglier than homemade soap and an astetic eyesore i would like to make a motard out of it like that dude with the sweet @$$ lookin qlink but 21 inch tires are lame and i was lookin for parts interchange info. i believe this is the axact same bike as a gy200 or atleast the plastics all look the same. does anyone know who acctually produces the drivetrain lifan maybe?????? i've also noticed a complete lack of aftermarket support so has anyone made a pipe for these yet ......thanks in advance

If you want a motard qlink has xp200 version with wider rims nice tires.

bodywork is same as the xf200 that is there dual sport model.

I got the xp and got 200 miles in before winter hit here in ohio and bike has run great.I will be doing a cam and exhaust and carb to get a little more preformance from it . They also carry two year warranty and roadside asinstance.

where did you find a cam and exhaust?

cam is same as dr200 but best to get on from megacycle for the lt230 quad

they make a lot better hp. pipe was made from drz125 pro circuit pipe.

smrmx14, i think you mean the XF200 the XP is the dual sport version, the XF is the sick look'n motard version

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